I Hate Dentists!

Dentophobia: It’s a real thing!

Unfortunately, most people are scared of dentists. Studies suggest that upto 60% of the
population have Dental Anxiety or dentophobia (fear of dentists and dental treatment). Of
this 39% are scared of pain, 24% smell of chemicals and 21% sound of the drill. For some
people the anxiety before a dental appointment can build up and result in sleepless nights
and palpitations.

Unfortunately, sometimes due to this fear, people avoid visiting the dentist till really
required and then reach the clinic when the tooth is badly decayed and probably cannot be

If you feel that this fear is making you avoid your dental visit, then schedule just a
consultation appointment with your dentist and speak to them about your fears. Sometimes
anti-anxiety pills can be prescribed a night before. Or some herbal essential oils that can
help with the anxiety in a more natural way.
Here are a few ways in which we can help a patient who fears dentists:

  • Meet and Greet Appointment to familiarize with the environment
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Herbal essential oils to be used before the appointment
  • Local anesthetic used in the area of work for a painless procedure
  • Noise cancelling Headsets to reduce the exposure to the sound of the drill

Apart from the above, at Legacy Dental we believe that a smooth journey to the dental chair and back home is one of the key factors to reduce the stress levels. So from one stop
appointment bookings, to direct in person care we put our heart and soul into assuring that
you have a great experience when you visit us.

Afterall at Legacy Dental we say: Lets Smile Together !

Smile with Confidence, Start Your Journey Today!

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