Why Is Dental Treatment Expensive?

This is a question we are asked all the time! From friends and family and from patients.
So here goes the explanation:

Any dental visit entails the following:

  • Time spent with the dentist and his expertise
  • Dental Materials and Instruments
  • Infrastructure

While a regular GP visit only requires a doctor and minimal usage of instruments, A dental visit is the extreme opposite.
A dental room with all its inclusions, A checkup followed by an Xray, A treatment that may require more than 1 sitting. All these add up to massive costs to the clinic to see a patient.
Dental Treatment pricings vary a lot as different clinics use different materials. As in your household, you can choose to buy extremely cheap brands of items vs extremely expensive ones. While both might have similar functionality initially, eventually something that is not so good quality will spoil faster.

At Legacy Dental Clinic, we believe in providing dental care and intervention that is affordable and only absolutely necessary. We use the best quality brands of material available in the market. We believe in ethical practice and do not over prescribe any treatment. We believe in Sustainability and deliver dental care that will last you long and will help you function better or look better.

Our pricing is very affordable and pocket friendly as we do not see you as someone we will see only once, rather someone who will be a part of our family through generations.

As goes our motto: Making you smile through generations

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